Monday, December 13, 2010

Part Three - "Brown Bag Table Setting"

Making the Christmas Tree Girl

Welcome back to the third day of instructions for the “Brown Bag Table Setting”. Today I will explain how I made the Christmas Tree Girl. Below is the list of the punched shapes that I used for this project.

Paper Shapes

For the Christmas Tree Girl
Curious Iridescents Cryogen White - 1 3/8” Circle
Curious Iridescents Cryogen White - Doll Body
Color of Choice – Doll Hair (2)
Green – 2 1/8”, 3 1/8” & 3 5/8” Scallop Circles (Tree)
Green – 1 5/8” & 2 5/8” Scallop Circles (Tree Hat)
White – 1 5/8” Scallop Circle (Collar)
For Tree Decorations
Copper - Small Rectangles from Slot Punch (30)
Red – 7/8” Five Petal Flower (2 Each)
Teal – 7/8” Five Petal Flower (2 Each)
Green – 7/8” Five Petal Flower (2 Each)
Copper Star
White Pinking Hearts Border Strip (About 2” long)
Green Strips from Window Punch (2)

For Menu and Back
Red Polka Dot Extra Large Ornaments (2)
White Rick-Rack

Christmas Tree Girl Assembly

Punch out a 1 3/8” Circle from Cryogen White cardstock. Stamp the face image with one of the faces from Peachy Keen’s “Snow Cuties” set using Black Memento Ink.

Cut out the Doll Body from Cryogen White cardstock using the Sizzix Doll Body Die.
Add color to the face and doll body using Copic Sketch Markers. Set aside.

For the Main Tree section cut three Scallop Circles from green cardstock (one each 2 1/8”, 3 1/8” & 3 5/8”). Cut wedges from the Scallop Circles as shown. The 2 1/8” and 3 1/8” wedges should have 12 scallops along the curved edge. The 2 5/8” wedge should only have 10 scallops along the curved edge. Pieces marked with the red “X” in the photo will not be used.

For the hat cut two green Scallop Circles (one each 1 5/8” & 2 5/8”). For the hat brim cut across lower edge of the 2 5/8” Scallop Circle. For the top of the hat cut a wedge from the 1 5/8” scallop circle. Both hat pieces will have seven scallops along the edges.

Use the Snow Cap Acrylic Paint Dabbler along the scallop edges of the tree and hat pieces. Layer the Scallop Circle wedges, bottom to top (largest to smallest) and glue in place. Attach the Cryogen White Scallop Circle at top of the three layers.

The doll body is not tall enough for the layered tree and will need to be cut apart. Cut the  doll body in half above legs, cut away the doll’s head and separate arms. Attach to the back of layered tree as shown below.

Attach the top of the hat to the brim and set aside. Attach the face to one of the hair pieces. Trim the second hair section as shown in the photo and attach to the front of face. Attach hat to the top of doll face. The Christmas Tree Girl is now ready to decorate.

Thanks for stopping by today. Next I will show you how to make the lights, decorate the tree and finish the “Brown Bag Table Setting” project. Have a great day! - Jane, the Polka Dot Gypsy

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