Friday, May 20, 2011

Stamp Layering and Fussy Cut Flowers

Welcome back to Polka Dot Gypsy. Today I want to share a little bit about how I created the layered stamp, “Thank You” card for the Hero Arts contest. I will be highlighting the details of stamp layering and “fussy cuts”.

For stamp layering, begin by examining the image to see how many layers you want to make and what sections you want to layer. The large flower in this image can have one to five layers. For my card I only used two layers. but for today’s tutorial I will be working with three (Layers 1-3).

Stamp the main image onto the card front. This will be the base for stacking the layers. Because I used three layers for this flower I stamped three additional images of the flower onto three different colors of cardstock. I only inked up the flower part of the stamp and stamped the images onto scraps of cardstock. For the tutorial I used Memento Ink, but for my original card I used VersaMark ink and embossed the image. Embossing gives the flower a little more texture.

After stamping the flower image onto three different scraps of cardstock, cut around each section forming the individual layers as pictured below. The bottom layer will be the complete image. For layer two, the base petals are cut away and for layer three, the base petals and the petal edges have been trimmed away.

For some added dimension use Pop Dots to attach the layered pieces.

Gypsy Tip – Use punches for the center pieces of the flower image.

To add some interest to the stamp layers, try stamping the flower image onto printed cardstock using the quilters "Fussy Cut" technique. Fussy Cut is a term used by quilters to describe a method of targeting a specific design area of the fabric to fit the cut piece. Below left is a scrap of the original fabric that I am using to make a hexagon quilt. The circled area is where I targeted each piece for my quilt blocks. The circle to the right is the actual piece that I cut.

Here is a photo of one of my completed hexagon quilt blocks. All the outer pieces are cut from the same targeted area as shown above. The center of the block is cut from a different area of the fabric. Each piece was fussy cut so that when assembled they formed this secondary design.

The same principal of fussy cutting can be used to make interesting designs for stamped images using printed paper or cardstock. Below are some samples of the same Hero Arts flower with possible fussy cuts from printed cardstock.

Gypsy Tip – I stamped the image onto the acetate that was packaged with my stamp when I purchased it. I use the stamped acetate as a viewer, trying out possible fussy cuts before stamping. I can tuck the acetate viewer into my purse and take it to the store to preview papers before I purchase them.

As you can see, the quilters idea of fussy cutting is a fun way to add interest to your own stamping creations. I hope you will give it a try. Fussy cuts are so much fun!

One last tip from the pros. I used to work for a company that made invitations using the hot foil stamping process. Not every card that ran through the press was perfect. Just like embossing powder, the foil would sometimes attach itself to places on the card where it shouldn't be. To clean up these areas we used the point of an X-acto knife to lightly scrape the foil off the card. I have used this same technique to remove tiny spots of embossing powder from my stamped cards. It won't remove large areas of embossing, but it will remove some of those tiny specks of embossing powder.

 I hope you have enjoyed today’s tips and will stop by again soon. Have a great day! – Jane, the Polka Dot Gypsy.


Glora said...

Your cards always look so professional. This is beautiful! I LOVE to stamp and layer stamps as well. But I love to see how other people do this. I really appreciate you showing us. Hugs- Glora

Linda Palmer said...

Beautiful flower, beautiful card. Love everything about this card.

Janice W. said...

Hi Jane,
I love coming to your blog! I always learn so much. Thanks so much for your picture tutorials. You are so talented. Your quilt square is gorgeous too!
Hugs, Janice

Michele Spera said...

love your cards and colors of the layered one!!